Fields of Expertise

  • Management Consulting & Business Development
  • Helping companies realise long and short term goals, creating positive impact on balance sheet. Analysing P&L to minimize losses and increase revenues. Results: increased client acquisition.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Create marketing strategies which bring accountable rewards and drive maximum returns on marketing investments. Branding, Corporate identity and strong corporate culture are essential elements for success. Results: Increased sales through tight marketing using the correct marketing channels.

  • The Middle East
  • Over 30 years of experience, vast network of long established relationships and development partners. Results: Knowledge of culture, traditions and language skills enables smooth operations.

  • Performance Management & Business Analytics
  • Looking into company operations using key performance indicators, the bottom line can be vastly improved. Results: Increased transparency and tighter controls over operations, and improved ROI on investments.

  • Opportunities Analysis
  • Sourcing, identification and analysis of venture opportunities.