Projects Past & Present

  • An investment group
  • Working for the Chairman, sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities, processing the relevant legal and administrative paperperwork pertaining to said opportunities. Assisting with strategy and business development for existing investments.
    The range of businesses include the following: Wine Bar and retail shop, An innovative technology tool for fashion business, tax planning, A composite metal technology with multiple applications including the Aeronautical, auto, yachting, shipping, defence and bio medical industries.

  • An emerging Fashion Brand
  • Swiss haute couture fashion designer having moved from Paris to Switzerland, needed help with promoting brand awareness. Assisted with creating and co-organizing a fashion show during a Gala dinner at Salle Empire Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

  • A Vineyard
  • A Tuscan vineyard established by the 76 year old owner following a paralyzing accident while competing for the Italian Olympic team. Hired to locate heamorrhraging losses and create Marketing plan, structure using standard tools and metrics.

  • An Impact investing trading platform
  • An online investment trading platform start-up with a focus on Impact Investing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable & Renewable Energies, Women’s empowerment. Assisted with creating structure, company strategy, structuring and creating the legal and administrative foundations as well as fee structure, building the brand, acquiring dealflow and clients.

  • A green energy fund
  • A green sustainable energy focussed fund, US based with 50% international investment focus. Assisted with International European Marketing and investor relations. Introduced a number of investors to the fund.

  • A Shipbroker firm
  • Hired to assist with research for the creation of a legal structure in the Middle East, followed by global research on changing future worldwide energy needs based on Climate change, Emerging markets growth, oil & gas reserves, and gradual world natural resource depletion.

  • A Disruptive energy innovation
  • A disruptive technology invention within the renewable energy industry which once proven will revolutionize the energy market. Assisted in finding development partners in the Middle East. 3 years later the technology is still in testing but remain in close contact with the Board Members and have been asked to launch the development once the technology is ready.

  • A non-profit Association
  • Assisted the Chairman with finding highly reputed Speakers from the financial industry worldwide for private events, & business development (acquiring new high net worth members, updating website, negotiating arrangements with 5 star hotels to host events).

  • F1 & F3 motoracing
  • Assisted a team fundraise, locate new drivers, find and develop a new idea for a race for F3. Still ongoing. At the same time assisted an old team re-enter F1 racing.

  • A wellness company
  • Performed extensive market research and completed a Business Plan for medi-spa services.